Provides you with the benefits of yoga with the relaxation of a massage. Though there really is nothing like it. Surprisingly after my session I was full of energy. It’s euphoric. The staff is all very knowledgeable, professional, and engaging. The venue is new and clean providing the right balance of privacy and community. I feel fantastic. You MUST try this!
— Chris S.
After a long work day that started early in Miami and saw a stop in NYC for a meeting, it was a treat to end up at 8pm at Flxme to have my stiff body carefully and expertly worked on. Assisted stretching focused on my injured calves and shoulder which both felt looser and more supple after Sherif’s maneuvers. This is a welcoming space filled with talented people! I’ll be back!
— Ian R.
I loved my session at FLXME which surprised me as I am not fond of massages. I went because my neck and shoulders were stiff and my knee was painful after tennis. The kinesiologist, Karen, used an app to assess my posture and mobility, and explained which stretches would improve this. The app pointed out my tendency to hunch forward, and Karen gave me a simple exercise to work on this. I intend to sign up for more sessions and share them with my husband. It was fun and relaxing.
— Lesley R.
My stretch at FLXME was awesome! It is a gorgeous space, my stretcher was lovely and the experience was relaxing. But the best part was how I felt after— totally limber and much less sore. I think the benefits are much longer lasting than a massage. I’m definitely going back!
— Heather G.
I shuffled into Flxme with stiff, aching neck and shoulders. Karen assessed my problem areas and worked on them. I flew out like a butterfly with shoulders and neck released from their knotted tension and two days later am still feeling the benefits.
— Marilyn F.
After a very professional stretch session with Menashe my very sore right shoulder felt considerably better. The bad news is that it was a bit noisy in the studio. The very good news is that the next day my shoulder was still much improved. Thanks from an 80 year old.
— Warren M.
My session began with a thorough assessment - both verbal and with the use of an app. It showed that I had “tech neck” caused by poor posture while using my computer. Emily had a systematic approach to the session which finished with neck stretches and exercises. We discussed which muscles were being activated and stretched and how to continue the work at home. Emily was a kinesiologist specializing in exercise therapy so her skills were well used at FLXME. I was very pleased overall with the clean and peaceful studio and the knowledgeable therapist. I have already booked my next session.
— Diane R.
Flxme was a surprising experience. After my first visit I purchased a group of sessions. I crave the range of motion and full stretch achieved during my session and am looking forward to my next visit. I’m sure that it will assist my goals in my sports of golf and squash. I think everyone should try it!
— Heather F.