Expect a warm welcome!

During your first session, your Stretch Therapist will assess your flexibility and range of motion. After reviewing your intake form, they will ask you about your athletic and exercise activities and where you experience pain, stiffness or loss of mobility. You stay fully clothed (loose fitting or stretchy clothing is best) and relaxed as your Stretch Therapist performs the stretches tailored to your specific needs. Your therapist will explain the purpose of each stretch,  and will communicate with you to ensure you are not over-stretched. Depending on your particular needs, the Stretch Therapist may use some light soft tissue release techniques, which combine myofascial release and light massage in combination with stretching to free up restricted areas in the body. Your Stretch Therapist may ask you to connect your breathing with the stretches, to encourage your body to relax. Expect to leave your session feeling renewed, relaxed and mobile.

Length of treatment

Depending on your particular needs and goals, you can choose shorter (25-30 minute) or longer (50-60 minute) sessions, depending on the type of service that you select. The shorter session concentrates on major muscle groups of the body, including for example back, shoulders, hips, glutes, and hamstrings, focusing on areas identified during the assessment as painful or inflexible.
Longer sessions allow the Stretch Therapist with more time to stretch the full body from head to toe, focusing on major muscle groups, minor muscle groups and areas identified as problematic or needing more attention. Longer sessions give you more time to settle into the session and reach a deeper sense of relaxation, which has a restorative impact on the body and allows for a deeper stretch.