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Toronto’s Premiere Stretch Therapy Studio

Regular stretching is as important as regular exercise. It keeps muscles strong, lithe and healthy. But it’s almost impossible to get an intensive, full body stretch by yourself. Most of us don’t stretch properly or spend nearly enough time even pretending to try. It’s so boring! That’s the beauty of stretch therapy. Your stretch therapist will help you stretch at angles your own limited range of motion can’t reach. Your flexibility and range of motion will improve quickly. Leg stretches, back stretches and hamstring stretches from our stretch therapists will help you recover faster and reverse the damage caused by too much sitting. You'll feel taller, looser and lighter. Stretch therapy is relaxing and energizing, and definitely not boring!

The Flxme Stretch Therapy Studio is located in the heart of Toronto’s Mount Pleasant Village. Our newly renovated space promotes a sense of relaxation and wellness. Our stretch therapists are trained in Fascial Stretch Therapy, osteopathy, PNF, soft tissue release, myofascial release, and other techniques. Visit us today for a one-on-one full body stretch with one of them!


Get in touch with your toes with Stretch Therapy


Enhance athletic performance

A personalized assisted stretching programme translates into better performance through an increased range of motion. By targeting areas of overuse, assisted stretching therapy allows you to recover faster. If you train like an elite athlete you need to recover like an elite athlete.


Ease stiffness and pain

People who sit too much rarely extend their hip flexor muscles, which become short and tight. This causes pain and stiffness, and is the leading cause of falls for seniors. The same thing happens to shoulder and back muscles.Our stretch therapists use fascial stretch therapy and other stretching techniques to relieve stiffness and pain.


The antidote to a desk job

Sedentary life in the 21st century is the perfect storm for creating short, tight chest and hamstring muscles. Everyday activities like reaching for a coffee cup or tying a shoe can result in injury. Our stretch therapists provide a full body stretch including hamstring stretches, leg stretches, chest stretches and back stretches. Assisted stretching keeps you doing the things you love!