Flxme Stretch THERAPY

stretch therapist giving hamstring stretch to man on massage table

What is FLXME Stretch Therapy?

FLXME Stretch Therapy system is a system of assisted stretches personalized for each client. The system has been approved by physicians and physiotherapists and uses multiple stretching techniques, taking into account varying levels of range of motion, flexibility, muscle tightness, soreness and tension, aches and pain, your goals, and other factors.

Who should get a FLXME Stretch?

The assisted stretching techniques have a wide application and can have a therapeutic benefit for a variety of different people with varying ages and abilities. Whether you’re preparing to run a marathon, spending long hours at the computer or on airplanes, or dealing with shoulder, hip, back or neck pain, we can help you out!

What happens during a Stretch Therapy session?

Using the FLXME system your Stretch Therapist will:

  • Review your medical history, including any previous injuries or surgeries, and understand the areas you want to focus on

  • Assess your mobility and flexibility

  • Deliver a series of personalized stretches appropriate for you using a range of techniques

  • Provide you with stretching and exercise education for the client to continue at home

  • Suggest a treatment plan to help you reach your goals and get the maximum benefit from your stretch therapy session