Your stretch therapist will assess your flexibility using photo-based software.  They will ask you about your athletic activities and where you experience pain, stiffness or loss of mobility. You stay fully clothed (loose fitting or stretchy clothing is best) and relaxed as your stretch therapist performs the stretches tailored to your specific needs. Your therapist will explain the purpose of each stretch,  and will communicate with you to ensure you are not over-stretched. Expect to leave your session feeling renewed, relaxed and mobile.

25 and 50 minute stretch sessions

You can choose a 25 or a 50 minute stretch. The 25 minute stretch concentrates on major muscle groups of the core, back, shoulders and hips, focusing on areas identified during the assessment as painful or inflexible. The 50 minute stretch focuses on the same major muscle groups, plus foot and ankle, neck, arms, and wrists and hands.