Gentle morning flow

What is Gentle Morning Flow?

Gentle Morning Flow is a relaxing stretch class that combines stretching with movement. Whether you’re looking for a full-body stretch to compliment your exercise routine or looking for a way to relax, destress and get the body moving through gentle stretching, this class is for you!

Yoga instructor, Andrea Leon, has extensive experience working with people with various levels of mobility, and different abilities and injuries. She offers modifications to meet her clients’ particular needs. A great class for beginners. Small classes (maximum 10 participants). Mats and props provided.

Benefits of Gentle Morning Flow:

  • Reduce stiffness and increase flexibility and mobility

  • Relieve tension and stress in the body

  • Open up areas of restrictions and get the body moving again with gentle stretching

  • Learn to stretch the body properly and safely

  • Designed for people with varying abilities and experience