Free Introductory Stretch

  • Free introductory stretches are offered only to first-time visitors to the studio, and only to those who live in the GTA.


  • If you refer a new client to us who purchases any of our stretch packages, we'll credit your account with a free 25 minute stretch session.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • All sessions and packages are non-refundable.

  • If you cancel by by 5pm the day prior to an appointment, your session will be credited back to your FLXME account.

  • If you cancel after 5pm the day prior to an appointment, or miss a scheduled appointment, you may be charged for that session.

  • Depending on availability, you may change the time of your scheduled appointment up until 5pm the day prior to that appointment.

Expiration Dates

  • Single sessions expire 3 months after purchase.

  • 5 and 10 session packages expire 6 months after purchase.

  • 20 session packages expire 12 months after purchase.

Sharing Sessions

  • You may share your sessions with immediate family members including your spouse/partner and children.

Client Expectation Policies

At FLXME, we are intent on establishing and maintaining clear boundaries between clients and staff. Our staff receives training in the standard of conduct expected from them in their dealings with clients. This training focuses on maintaining a respectful relationship with each client, defined by clear professional boundaries. But we have expectations of our clients as well, in terms of the boundaries between them and our staff. These boundaries centre around two types of situations in particular - being late for appointments, and making staff members or other clients feel uncomfortable either verbally or physically.

The policies set out below are designed to address those two situations. In formulating them, we have been guided by two things:

  1. It is critically important to us as owners to maintain a respectful, positive and enjoyable environment at our studio, for the benefit of both our staff and our clients.

  2. Employers operating in Ontario have a legal duty to take steps to prevent and respond to harassment, including sexual harassment. It is not acceptable to ignore sexual harassment, whether or not someone has formally complained.

You are responsible for the time you reserve for you appointment. If you are late for your appointment, your treatment time will be shortened and you will be charged for the full treatment.


We will not tolerate client harassment of staff members or other clients, which we define to include:

  • Rude or disrespectful behaviour

  • Inappropriate personal comments or questions (for example, “your eyes are so beautiful” or “how old are you?”)

  • Inappropriate body contact

  • Behaviour, remarks or innuendos of a sexual nature

  • Inappropriate gifts


We have the right to refuse to treat clients who breach either of these policies.