myofascial release therapy

What is Myofascial release therapy and why is it helpful?

Myofascial release therapy addresses issues arising in the fascia. Fascia is a tough tissue membrane that encases and supports the muscles as well as other body parts. Myofascial pain is often caused by “trigger points,” or areas where the myofascial tissue becomes stiff and restricted. Pain resulting from a trigger point can radiate or transfer to other parts of the body. Trigger points can also impact movement, reducing mobility and flexibility. The trigger point is often tender and uncomfortable when pressure is applied to it. Dealing with the restricted area, or trigger point, can often reduce myofascial pain in other areas. Trigger points can form on their own, or can form as a response to an injury, even after that injury has healed. Almost everyone can benefit from some form of myofascial release therapy.

During your myofascial treatment, your stretch therapist will locate and apply gentle pressure to the trigger point. There may also be light stretching to support release and increase comfort. The stretch therapist may also have you work with a massage ball or other tool so that you can regulate the pressure yourself and learn how to massage the area. As the trigger point releases, you will feel a sense of ease of movement in the joint near the trigger point in addition to reduced pain and stiffness. You will feel as though you are moving better and more freely even after one treatment.

Although you will likely feel the positive effects after just one session, in order to experience lasting effects, it’s best to repeat the therapy a few times. In addition to sessions, for best results it’s important to work on your trigger points on your own between sessions. Your stretch therapist will show you how to work on your trigger points and work on your myofascial release at home using a massage ball.

Trigger Point Therapy
Facilitated Self Myofascial Release Session with Massage Ball

Work one-on-one with Andrea Leon who combines fascial stretching and myofascial release techniques to assist clients with increasing their mobility and ease of movement and reduce pain. During these sessions, Andrea will teach you how to find and release the main trigger point areas in the body. Using a massage ball, you will learn to free up restriction and pain in and around these areas. The results will be increased range of motion and general pain relief. Trigger point therapy will also improve your stretching routine, as once the trigger points are released and the fascia is freed, there is room for much gain!